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September 25 2010
# Posted by John Robbins
September 11 2010

The next London Expo is fast approaching, so get planning for the weekend of 29th-31st October, 'cos it's gonna be awesome.

As well as all the Cosplay, Movie Stars, and Computer Game stuff that you secretly love, the Small Press world will be well represented too, in the growing Comic Village - Too many to list, so do check for the latest updates HERE.

The Eagle awards will now be an integral part of the weekend too, so come along and cheer on your favourites.

I'd like to see some more UK comics cosplay, so consider this a challenge, and start making those Chloe Noonan/My Cardboard Life/Derek The Sheep costumes now! I want to see pictures.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
September 6 2010

A short online comic about JAWS.

# Posted by Leonie

Tommie Kelly announces the imminent arrival of two well priced collections to pre-order. Something Wonderful and The Complete Road Crew are both going print-on-demand, with limited editions being made available. Having read Tommie's similar Electric Ladyland recently, I think you're in for a treat with a side of scotch. Details here

Oh, and I've a new mini-series up myself with some fancy guest contributors. It's zany!

# Posted by Andrew Luke
September 5 2010
# Posted by Stevo Tillotson