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October 26 2010

At Existential Ennui: Nick Roche continues Notes From The Small Press with a glance back at Small Pets from 2005. And better still: the focus of Notes part 2 is Chris Reynolds' comic Monitor's Human Reward - the title story presented in full.

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October 25 2010
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October 20 2010
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October 18 2010

Talesofthe.com, which presents multimedia fiction from Northern Irish Creators every Sunday, is presently hosting Don't Get Lost: the 24 hour comic. On a par with Gran and Absence, the strong themes of sexual abuse in the narrative is not suited to everyone. It's there nonetheless.

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October 14 2010


Engrossing interview with Gary Crutchley at the Birmingham Mail's Speech Balloons.

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October 7 2010

Karrie Fransman writes,

"I'm running a comic programme at London Print Studio which is host to many of the COMICA events this year. We've just put out a call-out for our internship in 'Comics and Comic Production' and..pass it around to anyone you think may be interested.

The London Print Studio is looking for five enthusiastic 21-25 year olds from a variety of backgrounds who are interesting in a career in comics, arts education, publishing or illustration. They will have the chance to:

-Develop professional skills in the creative industry
-Run comic workshops for 16-25 year olds.
-Receive mentoring from top professional comic creators and publishers.
-Develop their own artistic projects with supervision from mentors.
-Take part in creating a graphic novel publication.

The details and application form are online at:


The deadline for applying is Monday 1st November. It would be great if you could pass these details to anyone who may be interested and post it on any newsletters or blogs. Also we're having a comic exhibition here curated by Paul Gravett (who else?;) and featuring some of my comic sculptures and much more so you should come on down if you're in town. Launch night's October 21st but it's on until December."

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October 6 2010


"Whenever I finish a project I head straight for the sauna suite of the Aquadome in Tralee with my inflatable wife, Celestria. Good times." - Cathal Duggan

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October 4 2010

The FP Blog is reporting that new comics mag 'Multiverse' will debut at MCM London Expo, from some of the people behind the late Comics International, Mike Conroy & Baz Renshaw (also of the much-missed Redeye magazine).

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