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December 27 2010


At Chez Chrissie, one never lets a friend get in the way of some retail therapy...

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December 21 2010

The Wise & Wise of podcasting return with the Comic Cast Christmas Special - the first five minutes are ridiculously funny!

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December 20 2010

Guaranteed to bring tiers to your eyes: Martin Skidmore with his Comic Creator: A League Table.

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December 13 2010

man monitor

Three-page comic strip The Man On The Monitor, online at the FA stie.

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December 8 2010

Great service for creators who'd like to make their work available on ipad, iphone etc: http://www.oxicomics.com/

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You can now download book 1 of comic book series Monstrum Horrendum for free!

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Announcing : The first issue of THE COMIX READER, Britain's new Underground, Alternative, Independent, Satirical, Carnivalesque, ComixStrip Compendium!

The Comix Reader is a 24 page tabloid-sized (approximately A3) anthology of mainly full colour comic strips that attempts to recapture some of the fun and free spirit of the 60's underground press, while being cheap and hopefully accessible enough to interest people who might not read many comics. It's also an experiment in distribution and publishing : 9,000 copies paid for and distributed by the artists - a first, small attempt in taking "alternative" comics to a wider audience. People love comics!

It features work by 22 artists : Tobias Tak, Steve Tillotson, Ralph Kidson, Ellen Lindner, Paul O'Connell, Saban Kazim, Bird, Tim & Alex Levin, Gareth Brookes, Paul Ashley Brown, Lord Hurk, Kat Kon, Daniel Locke, Julia Homersham, Lawrence Elwick, Alex Potts, Jimi Gherkin, Scott Smith, Peter Lally, Sina Evil, and Richard Cowdry.

See www.thecomixreader.com for the latest news, stockists and ordering details.

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December 5 2010


Christmas: A time of terror!!! Your home is invaded by a large bearded man in red whose name is an anagram of Satan!!! You are forced to attend chillingly tense family get-togethers!!! And then there's that budget!!!!!!

...set these petty fears aside for one night and start the season with a true taste of terror...

You are compelled to attend the launch of Windell's SUPERNATURAL SHOWCASE in Anseo Public House (Camden Street Lwr.) on the evening of Saturday December the 11th.

Thank you for your time. You may now return to prayer.

Hubert Windell
CEO Windell Publications

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