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February 27 2011


CARTER'S COLUMN took off and headed east, got lost in the Himalayas and was found again, now the crew's back on course and coming into land. But it won't be a smooth ride because today marks the debut of our thrilling new epic... The Brand of the Dragon!

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February 26 2011
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February 24 2011

First official word from Mark de Connik at Catalyst Arts on the three week comics exhibition and festival coming to Belfast, mid-April to early May:

Mark writes,

"Us here at Catalyst Arts are currently in the process of putting together a publication to coincide with our upcoming exhibition based around Comics, Zines and illustration.

Taking the form of a twenty-four page, black and white, newspaper print, we are currently looking for artists/writers to contribute their work to this publication, which will be distributed thro ughout Ireland.

The dimensions of the publication will be A3 in size..[folded over] We are looking for work submitted that would fit the standard size of A3/A4 etc, the layout and formatting is to be done after the submissions so re-sizing of peoples work will take place where appropriate.

We are open to all forms of work relating to the exhibition that would lend itself to such a publication. If you are interested in becoming a part of this project, all submissions of work are to be sent to catalystarts@gmail.com by no later than 5pm, Friday 4th March."

# Posted by Andrew Luke
February 19 2011

Dan Lester has just released a collected edition of his comic Monkeys Might Puke. It's a 160 page paperback containing all the best bits of the first 7 issues, plus a bonus comic, The Brown World Of Arthur Crazy, and is available now from monkeysmightpuke.com for £10 + postage.

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February 13 2011

Paul Brich has been posting interviews over the last few weeks with those involved with newspaper-style strip Carter's Column. This week it's my turn (I letter the strip). My short-but-sharp fit of pompousness can be evidenced at Speech Balloons.

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February 11 2011
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February 10 2011

Gary Northfield has started a new online strip - Burp the Caveman!

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February 2 2011

The Comix Reader launch party is TONIGHT!
Upstairs @ The Crown
51 New Oxford Street
London, United Kingdom
6.30 until closing.
...Come help us celebrate the launch of our new cartoon and comix paper! Meet the artists and have a drink with us! If you don't yet have a copy, come and get one - it only costs a pound! Get it signed if you want! It'll be fun! Cheap ...bar too!

Flyer by Ellen Lindner


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February 1 2011

Nominations for the Eagle Awards open on Friday 4th February.

The top five nominations in each section will then be verified and voting gets underway on 14 March.

"Introduced in 1976, the Eagles are the comics industry’s most prestigious fan-selected awards, giving the entire comics community the opportunity to vote for the finest publications and brightest talent of the past year, with categories covering the whole world of comics, including manga, movies and webcomics" it says here.

“All nominees will be invited to the Awards Ceremony at May’s London MCM Expo and the winners will be offered the opportunity to give an acceptance speech,” said Cassandra Conroy. “The full list of Award Winners will be released to the world 27 May.” The awards ceremony will be streamed LIVE to the world over the internet via www.mcmbuzz.com.

To buy tickets to the London MCM Expo at Excel London on 27-29 May, please visit: www.mcmexpogroup.com/store

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One-page comic strip The Mine-Sweeper, online at the FA site.

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