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March 14 2011

Paul Birch interviews Garen Ewing at Speech Balloons.

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March 11 2011

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March 8 2011

The London Small Press Expo is this coming Saturday, 10 till 5 at Goldmiths Uni. Tickets still available online! I'll be there, probably, with my new free minicomic.

Also, Kapow Comic-con in Islington on 9th/10 April is now offering a deal to potential Small Press exhibitors - Text below courtesy of Talk Comix:

Kapow U turn on small Press fiasco!!

To raise money for an incredibly worthwhile cause Kapow! Comic Con has released 25 special sales tables at the show on 9th and 10th April 2011. This amazing offer has been exclusively created to raise funds for the Comic Book Alliance (CBA).

With a minimum suggested donation per table this is every aspiring creator and small press publishers chance to get their comics out to a waiting audience, and perhaps get that big break. Tim Pilcher, Chair of the CBA said, “We are deeply grateful to the Kapow! team for donating these tables, and the money they’ll raise for the Comic Book Alliance. Now, even those with limited resources have the opportunity to take part in one of the most exciting conventions happening this year. While there is a minimum donation we sincerely hope that creators will be generous and able to contribute more, so that the CBA will be able to continue supporting the British Comics industry.”

The tables are limited to one per small press publisher/creator and come with two chairs and one weekend pass (an extra pass is available for an additional fee). But the booking deadline is soon! Creators must contact the CBA and make their donations before Friday 18th March. To find out more details and to request a booking form email: founders@comicbookalliance.co.uk

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March 7 2011

The Blue Bus is pleased to present a poetry event, with Sean Bonney and M J Weller, on Tuesday 15th March, from 7.30 at The Lamb (in the upstairs room), 94 Lamb’s Conduit Street, London WC1. This is the forty-seventh event in THE BLUE BUS series. Admissions: £5 / £3 (concessions). For future events in the series, please scroll down to the end of this message.

MJ Weller is writer, artist, poet. As Mike Weller he is well known for his comic and zine art published last three decades 20C. Running own 'visual associations' imprint and Home'Baked Books press 2000s and twenty-ten Weller has produced printed chapbooks and digital bookworks Space Opera: The Artist’s Book, Madeline My Love in Death And Fancy, S Club 7 vs the Anti-Capitalists, Beowulf Cartoon and bookwork installation, Slow Fiction: twenty-three tales in a box. His HomeBaked poetics are dedicated to permanent artistic revision, making each title different in re-format or printed edition. A poetry collection from Veer Books, Beat generation Ballads is forthcoming.

Sean Bonney has written, among other things, For the Administration (Crater, 2010), 5 after Rimbaud (Grasp, 2010), Document: Poems, Manifestos, Diagrams (Barque, 2009), Baudelaire in English (Veer, 2008) and Blade Pitch Control Unit (Salt, 2005). His long poem The Commons will be published later this year. He lives in London, and also at www.abandonedbuildings.blogspot.com.

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