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June 25 2011
# Posted by Dan Fish1000
June 22 2011


Irish Comic News : There Is Nothing Small About Our Press

A spontaneous flurry of climactic activity by a wide variety of inking micks and paddys at pads bring us this new site, with a forum, a digital sales distribution system and more interviews than you can put on your Looking for work form.

# Posted by Andrew Luke
June 21 2011

Comix Reader Mega-Launch!!

It's Tomorrow Night :

Come help us celebrate the launch of our second cartoon and comix paper! Meet the artists and have a drink with us! If you don't yet have a copy, come and get one - it only costs a pound! Get it signed if you want! It'll be fun!
It's on June 22, 6:30pm - 10:30pm (or until the pub shuts) at The Miller Pub, 96 Snowfields, London Bridge.
It's also the launch for Lord Hurk & Kevin Ward's Static Revolter 2, and Gareth Brookes' The Black Project issue 1 (more info here : http://www.thecomixreader.com/2011/06/alternative-comix-mega-launch-comix.html)

From Ellen Lindner:
"This mega-mega-mega launch celebrates the launch of the second issue of the Comix Reader, edited by Richard Cowdry and featuring work by Lord Hurk, Tanya Meditzky, Eliot Baggott, Barnaby Richards, Julia Homersham and many, many more. BUT! On this very evening we will also see the launch of The Black Project, a dark adolescent tale in writing, linocut and embroidery by Comix Reader contributor Gareth Brookes, and - as if that were not enough! - Static Revolter 2, a surreal, mad, and utterly wonderful pamphlet by Comix Reader cover artist Lord Hurk and Comix Reader contributor Kevin Ward. Learn more at http://www.thecomixreader.com/ - we're fairly excited for this triumvirate of excellent publications to hit the streets! Look for us on the ground floor..."

Have a drink, read some comix-paper, discuss underground comics of the past, present, future. Get there on the bus, by tube, if you're not drinking- drive there, get the bus there and get the tube home, get the tube there and catch the bus home, walk there, enjoy yourself while your there.
See you there!

Wednesday, June 22 6:30pm - Closing

The Miller Pub
June 9 2011

The COMIX READER issue 2!

A 24-page, mostly full-colour, comics tabloid featuring the coolest, funniest, & weirdest UK cartoonists. This issue we have... Tobias Tak, Ralph Kidson, Kat Kon, Elliot Baggot, Kevin Ward, Saban Kazim, Julia Homersham, Richard Cowdry, Ellen Lindner, Alex Potts, Jimi Gherkin, Hannah Eaton, Dan Locke, Peter Lally, Bernadette Bentley, Barnaby Richards, Gareth Brookes, Tim & Alex Levin, Steve Tillotson, Tanya Meditzky, Joe Sumner and Lord Hurk. The Comix Reader costs only 1! Crazy, man!!
More info at :

# Posted by Richard Cowdry
June 8 2011

"Writer/artist David Baillie has been a stalwart of the British small press scene for some time, self-publishing his comics to sell online and at conventions. More recently, though, hes moved into professional comics writing.

This week, his new Terror Tale is published in 2000 AD (Prog #1737) so Matt Badham thought it was a good time to sit down and have a chat with him."

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
June 7 2011
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