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September 20 2011

Welcome back to FA – the Comiczine.

From the FA editorial team:

2010′s online revival of the former print comics fanzine was one of the things that gave our founding editor, Martin Skidmore, a great deal of enjoyment in what, tragically, turned out to be the last few months of his life.

Three of his friends – Tony Keen, Andrew Moreton, and Will Morgan – have pooled our resources to keep FA alive as a source for comics discussion, history and criticism.

We hope that you will support us by visiting frequently, commenting, recommending us to your friends, and by contributing articles, features, reviews, interviews or short strips. (Submissions guidelines will be published soon.)

We aim to retain FA’s distinctive balance as “the serious fanzine with a sense of fun”, and to produce a website that Martin would have enjoyed – and, that you will too! Please let us know if you think we’re getting it right.

# Posted by John Robbins