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September 29 2011

Comika Comiket returns in November.

Heres the spiel:

"The spectacular Great Hall at the Bishopsgate Institute is the new venue for Comica Comiket, the Comica Festivalís 6th one-day comics and art fair - bigger and better than ever, offering the best of British creators, publishers, small presses, graphic artists and suppliers under one roof. Throughout the day, top artists will be taking part on stage in the Comica Drawing Parade, with their live artworks and demos projected on a giant screen."

Tickets: Free, all welcome
Where: Great Hall, Bishopsgate Institute, London
When: Saturday, November 12, 2011 - 11am to 6pm

# Posted by Dan Fish1000


My comic Inside Outsiders is available for viewing at Irish Comic News. The blurb: Psychosexual subtext pervades this League Of Extraordinary Toy Story as action figures undertake the perilous search for a fellow room-dweller who has fled an emotionally complicated relationship with a promiscuous Bratz doll.

# Posted by John Robbins