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January 30 2012


Based on a talk given by Michael (Space Opera) Weller in 2009 to the Research Institute in Media, Art and Design at the University of Bedfordshire, The Making Of Slow Fiction (PDF) is an essay which explores the small press comics scene and the author's singular foothold in it.

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January 25 2012


Issues 1 and 2 of Rob Jackson's It's A Man's Life In The Ice Cream Business are now available to purchase at his site.

Though certainly not without story-telling guile, Rob Jackson is a cartoonist who reliably works a lack of inventive telling to his advantage when producing stories with absurd complications. Here, however - where the autobiographical subject matter is the relatively mundane business of food-selling at rural markets - the 'this happened, then this happened' approach is not so complementary, and edges the pamphlets toward pedestrian diary-comics territory.

Vitally though, It's A Man's Life In The Ice Cream Business is charming, folksy stuff, and leaves you not just with a hankering for black peas and whinberry-flavoured ice cream, but with a piqued curiosity about the heritage of Jackson's livelihood, too. There's a satisfying sense that Jackson - who at one juncture loses then regains his soup confidence - is preserving more than just memories and the odd recipe.

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January 24 2012

The Eagle Awards are open for nominations until the end of the month, were you can vote for Jack Kirby as Best Newcomer Artist, and some fitting choices too.Voting begins on 15 February, and the winners are live streamed at the MCM London Comic Con, Excel Centre, 25-27 May. That's sure to be imaginative.

Brian John Mitchell writes to tell us about a new website, Silber Media, a site blending music (some free downloads), read-able comics and web-zines...The store includes his mini-comic collaborations with the likes of Eric Shonborn and Dave Sim.

Rebecca McCarthy asks if we can mention "a self contained one shot comic, mixing romance and superhero genres with hopefully a bit of a twist". AER is drawn by Chris Pullen, 24 pages of b&w A4 and available from IndieManga for £3.50. Rebecca also is looking for good homes for review copies so if you do that, drop her a line. Here's the link.

These BugSlugs brought to you by Andrew Luke; creating a bit of a stir in Belfast. A twice weekly comic sheet, Newszoom, is a live adaptation of the day's news to comics form, updated Tuesdays and Thursdays. It exists as part of In Time, an exhibition of my 24 hour comics which are really good. In Time runs from 2nd February to 15th March from the Arts and Disability Forum, Royal Avenue, Opps. Central Library Belfast. And today I'm promoting the docufilm I made on the Belfast comics scene.

The Invisible Artist from Northern Visions/NvTv on Vimeo.

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January 21 2012

New mini issue of the comic Monstrum Horrendum now available to read for free online here.

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January 11 2012

Craig Thompson Talks With Marcel Theroux
Later this month, the American graphic novelist Craig Thompson is in London to promote Habibi, one of the most acclaimed graphic novels of 2011, seven years in the making and published in Britain by Faber & Faber. Craig has kindly agreed to do one ‘live’ speaking engagement for Comica Festival. For this UK exclusive event on Monday January 23rd, Craig will give his illustrated talk and presentation about the ‘making of’ this remarkable book, giving rare insights into his research and process.

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Lew Stringer, posts a Whizzer and Chips / Oink cross-over.

Lew Stringer was a huge influence on me as a 1980s comics reader. His humour work on the UK Transformers comic, as well as the ruder 'Oink', and others, made him I think, a national treasure. His blog, "Blimey! It's another blog about comics!", is great too.

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