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February 28 2012
# Posted by John Robbins
February 23 2012

The Polish edition of New British Comics Issue 3 is now available to read online:


# Posted by Leonie
February 20 2012

On Friday 2nd March at Gosh Comics in Soho, London. 7pm - 9pm.

# Posted by Richard Cowdry
February 13 2012

Lee Kennedy is dreaming about celebrities of the classic ages again, and that always goes well.

Mini-comics creators Darren Worrow and Gary Parkin have recently released e-books, 'The Hargreaves Code', and, 'Phone Monkey The Secret Diary Of A Frustrated Call Centre Worker', respectively.

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# Posted by Andrew Luke
February 2 2012

Andy Luke here. I've a comics against the clock exhibition launching in Belfast's Royal Avenue (109-113) tonight at 5pm, and running for six weeks. It's all really rather good and you should follow me on twitter @andrewluke for that reason. Image linked...

I'll be turning the day's news into comics - NewsZoom!

# Posted by Andrew Luke