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March 22 2012

Tony Hitchman (who you may know from his vast array of small press work or possibly from his wonderful talks / quizzes at Caption) has released an educational book about comics:

Using Comic Art

# Posted by Leonie
March 18 2012

Gosh. That would be a Malcy Duff comic with a name like that.

Well, I made it. I published sixteen new comics in six weeks. I doubt that's a record, given thirteen were 1-2 pages long and one was a webprint. An achievement, though also wise are the words of Sean Azzopardi, 'Don't work too hard. Work is a pain.' You can view most of these comics at http://newszoom.org

But if you've only time for one, Phil Barrett takes the prize. Check out his St. Patrick's Day scene from forthcoming graphic novel, "Where's Larry?"

# Posted by Andrew Luke
March 16 2012

New comic from Malcy Duff, it's called:


28 pages,
4 (plus P+P)

Visit http://www.missingtwinnews.blogspot.com/ for details

# Posted by Leonie