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April 29 2012

Follow the father of 911 Truth as he travels in time through American history, faces vaccination and innoculation, resists the attempts of big media to hypnotise his kids and join him. See him advertise water filters and gold seeds, fight enemies foreign and domestic. Witness his trip with David Icke, George Noory, Jim Tucker and Gerald Celente as they cross seven continents.

Hold The Phones, It's Alex Jones! is a new comic by Andy Luke, Professor Octagon, Geoffrey D. Wessel, Benjamin STone, Bisson and Sean Duffield.
It's on sale here and you can also read the preview.

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Bob Byrne recently returned to webcomics with Lando In The House - a trademark serving of his retro sweet and sour funniness.

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April 27 2012


Mike Weller's Songs Our Teacher's Learn Us (pdf) is and of itself itself and many a link too (including brain-melt Songs Of The Data Stream). Feel a song coming on at the back of the bus and go with it.

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April 18 2012

Meanwhile over in Ireland,

Independent Zine Fair at the Dublin Food Co-Op, this Sunday (22nd), 12-5pm.

An academic conference, Grant Morrison and the Superhero Renaissance, 14-15 September 2012, Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin. Abstracts due by month's end.

An extended interview with Patrick Brown on Cattle Raid, webcomics and stuff over at Shirley-Anne McMillan's blog

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April 2 2012


Elida Maiques has news of the launch of the Romantic Mayhem Pocketbook, Upstairs at ANSEO, 18 Candem Street Lower, Dublin on Saturday April 14th at 7pm - "Come and see, read, talk, drink with us."

For further details on Romantic Mayhem! check the website.


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