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May 23 2012

Northern Ireland's major comics festival 2d, is just over a week away. Ciaran Flanagan has been running preparatory podcasts for the event over at his blog, The Freebirds Wing.

ICN carry news that Bryan and Mary Talbot are to appear at the Dublin Writer's Festival the following weekend, June 9th. Details here

There's a new Jesus and Mo strip up; What has the moon ever done for us?

Ripped off our tweet-feed,

Marc Ellerby's CHLOE NOONAN: MONSTER HUNTER - Digital Omnibus is now available. 136 pages in full colour for £2.99

John 'Lester' Freeman sends along the results of a questionnaire asking what primary school kids want in comics and magazines.

And a reminder that Brick put out a call for Graphic Memoirs: From Distress to Recovery and it looks a very worthwhile project with some sensible people at the helm.

I'll be talking about Absence and digital media this coming Monday at The Waterfront Hall, Belfast.

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May 16 2012

Phil Hampton's The Comic Academy may appear gimmicky, but I've been finding his for sale collections of interviews and content analysis with creators worth a while. There's also a bunch of free pdf reports which should hopefully keep folk thinking about the business side of things.

Paddy Lynch has recently completed Big Jim for O'Brien Press. Previews of the story of Trade Unionist and Easter Rising leader Jim Larkin appear on his blog, along with a new video about the Irish independent music/punk/DIY scene that has influenced him over the years.

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Uproar Comics are releasing this;
Story of Amelia Earhart tells the story of Earhartís early years and the lead up to her unplanned touch down at Gallagherís Field in Derry 80 years ago following her solo transatlantic crossing. A Day in May written and drawn by Campbell focuses on Earhart's 24 hour stay there, and is prose, pen and ink illustrations gleaned from first-hand account and reminiscenes from local people. Joe Campbell's artwork is nothing short of solid and delightful. I recommend you keep an eye out for this one when it becomes available to buy next week. Probably here.

If you can't wait, here's some preview.

Jimi Gherkin announces this year's Alternative Press Festival on 4th & 5th August, "with exhibitions planned for Orbital Comics, Gosh! London and TEN (yes, TEN!) venues in the weeks leading up to the main fair at London's Conway Hall. At the main Fair, we'll have three rooms filled with exhibitors from all over the world showing comix, zines, book arts, screen printing and self published art work. We are programming workshops, talks, a spoken word festival-within-the-festival and lots more, so stay tuned for more!"

Via Matt and the Twitter feed of Kieron Gillen:

Poem comic by Tom Humberstone.

Chrissy Williams' thoughts on poems and comics.

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May 14 2012


From ICN: The Holy Numbers webcomic and website has just launched. Itís the new comic from ICN Dictator Tommie Kelly set in an alternative modern day Ireland where a New Age Spiritual Movement is quickly becoming the most popular religion in the country. A spiritual themed comic that blends political intrigue with the modern New Thought Movement, it centres around a man named Ravensdale.

The Holy Numbers asks the question: What if there is magic in this world?

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