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October 28 2013


Hola Mariquita, a three-person team which includes Ghost Of A Doubt creator Greg O'Brien, has created a 60-page interactive graphic novel for iPad and Android Tablets. Find out about the making of Little Details at the Hola Mariquita site.

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October 23 2013


The Comic Cast celebrates its fifth birthday with “The Inevitable Clip Show”, and Fugger hits 400 posts, burping-up another dollop of bilious satire.

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October 16 2013


As ever, Paddy Brown's visceral Cuchulainn has the reader weather-beaten, vigilant, and knee-deep in pre-Christian times. If Lorenzo Mattotti did Irish mythology...

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October 1 2013

Irish cartoonist Phil Barrett continues to do his stuff:
… on his tumblr (above), and at his blackshapes site (below).


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