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December 11 2013


THEM, Tommie Kelly's metaphysical examination of a damaged individual's struggle to establish a foothold in life, is available free in PDF format for a limited time at tommiekelly.com.

My feeling is that Tommie's fine-tuned sequential storytelling is hindered a little by an excess of maudlin intimacy in overstated scripting, but with this scripting an authorial presence imparts a tense cathartic urgency, which adds another dimension to the comic. Actually, this is the antithesis of those cute, deceptively aimless comics that are always doing-the-rounds online - in THEM, earnest ambition fuels the portrayal of a conflict between a philosophy of futility and the resilience of the human spirit. Vitally, the universality of THEM's themes - the protagonist's emotional responses are distorted in the prism of chemical despair - make it an affecting, resonant read.

# Posted by John Robbins


24 pages and counting, Rob Jackson's funny comic Bradley The Tea Leaf (a league of extraordinarily random objects) is a thing of beauty.

# Posted by John Robbins