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August 9 2014

To End All Wars is now available: a 320 page collection, it features 27 tales from comixers of 13 different countries. Well researched, it tells untold tales of the Great War.

 In addition to featuring the Bugpowder blogging two-some on strip 'Bottomley - Brand of Britain', it also features Brit luminaries such as Brick (New Internationalist), Selina Lock (The Girly Comic), Sean Michael Wilson (Operation Iraq Corporate Takeover), Arthur Goodman (Favourite Crayon Stories), Joe Gordon (Forbidden Planet International Blog) and that legend of UK underground comics on WW1, Stan Martin (Terrible Sunrise)

 Interested press are welcome to contact publishers, Soaring Penguin Press, for details.


Links: Book websiteForbidden Planet International, AmazonBBC News, The Independent, Soaring Penguin Press

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