Online comics for your enjoyment, plus museum pieces from the archives.

All contents are, naturally, copyright their respective creators.

Ffrap by Malcy Duff

A 30 page comic reformated for the web.
Complete Strip (1.3m)
Smaller pages (<400k each)

Harry and Barney by Matt Abbiss

Complete Strip (230k)

Murtha Milks by Malcy Duff

Complete strip (500k)
Smaller pages

Noses by Matt Abbiss

Complete Strip (110k)

Nail Man by Malcy Duff

The BugPowder Comics-Related T-Shirt Museum and Gallery

Numerous t-shirts, all with a comics theme, acquired for the collection between 1988 and 2000, now on public display together for the first time! (As opposed to one by one on a daily basis.) Of historical and dubious value!