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All these shirts were acquired between 1988 and 2000. See below each shirt for historical notes.
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Printed circa 1993. Acquired circa 1993.
Produced to acompany glossy re-launch of small press comic. Free gift to subscribers. One of the most recognised shirts I own.
Flaming Carrot (1)
Printed pre 1989. Acquired circa 1989.
Flaming Carrot (2)
Printed pre 1991. Acquired circa 1991.
Freak Brothers: "The Cops!?!"
Printed repeatedly since 1985. Acquired 1990.
Caption 1997
Printed 1997. Acquired Sunday 20 July 1997.
Cerebus for Dictator
Reprinted circa 1990. Acquired circa 1990.
First Cerebus t-shirt in glorious 70s pale blue. Doesn't get worn often for that very reason (see Cerebus: Jaka's Story for comparison)
The Spirit
Printed 1988. Acquired circa 1991-2.
Lord Horror
Printed early 90s. Acquired a UKCAC convention (1994?).
Cerebus: "I Survived Jaka's Story"
Acquired circa 1990
Omaha The Cat Dancer (1)
Printed 1986. Acquired early 90s
Tank Girl
Printed 1988. Acquired 1988.
First Tank Girl t-shirt to be produced
3 in a Bed
Printed ?. Acquired 1999.
Signed by creator Jeremy Dennis
Marshal Law: "Mercy My Ass"
Printed 1988. Acquired 1988.
First Marshall Law t-shirt. Signed by Pat Mills in 1989. Still visible.
Omaha The Cat Dancer (2)
Printed 1989. Acquired 2000.
Very good condition. Hidden in basement of Comics Showcase for a decade.
Bastard Bunny (1)
Printed 1990. Acquired 1992.
First Bastard Bunny t-shirt produced for original BB comic. (see other shirt for comparison)
Bastard Bunny (2)
Printed 1992 Acquired 1992.
Second Bastard Bunny t-shirt, produced mid-way into series.
Aleksander Zograf: Psychonaut
Printed circa 1997. Acquired circa 1997 at Caption convention.
Produced by Lee Kennedy.
Printed 1987. Donated to the Museum by Dek Baker in 1999
One of the original Watchmen t-shirts.
Sandman: "How would you feel about life if Death was your older sister?"
Printed 1991. Acquired 1991.
First Sandman t-shirt, released as part of initial Sandman merchandising.
Printed 1991. Acquired circa 1993.


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