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Top Notch Tosh #6
Posted by Andrew Luke

Top Notch Tosh #6

£1 & SAE from Andrew Lewis, 39 Priory court, Brynoch, Neath, West Glamorgan, SA10 7RZ.

National Comics Award winner Andrew Lewis hammers out some witty dialogue and some fly plot twirls in this three-piece united by a theme of love. "Roboman" is illustrated by Matt Brown, whose tone can be too timid at times, rewarding were there is an unrestrained use of black. However, this is Lewis classic, embodying the fine qualities of any future-shock, racy, and some great light chuckles and use of irony.
"Your Yin To My Yang" is an experimental piece of non-pictorial word placement successful due to Lewis' ability to create compelling tales for varying levels of immersion. The package concludes with a most offbeat adaption of John Keats 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci', new dimensions available to warp into perhaps not a neo-classic, but something that stays in the memory for quite some time after.

Buy yourself a ticket into the unique world of Andrew Lewis, the new thrillmaster!

Posted on July 13, 2002
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