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Bulldog Adventure Magazine #22
Posted by Jez Higgins

Bulldog Adventure Magazine #22

For nigh on 20 years, Winston Bulldog has loyally served the Queen, defending Blighty from vege-terrorism and war with the Vegenation. And more power to him. Jason's fun, adventure scripts have always attracted strong artists to illustrate them, and so always look rather splendid. This issue features some lovely work by Chris Askham (Tharg, sign him up today, please), as well as reprintingsome '94 vintage Manga-esque work.

It's not all Bulldog – BAM's now a fully-fledged anothology comic. Like all anthologies it's a bit up and down. The downs are Jim Cameron's illustrated text pieces – they're don't really seem to be going anywhere, and the jolly cartoony illustrations to gel with the darker tone of the text. Also they just don't read well, which is a suprise really given editor Jason's secret-identity job as an English teacher.

The ups though, are really, really up and worth the price all by itself – Garen Ewing's The Rainbow Orchid. Garen's been around the scene for a while, but has reinvented his drawing style for the '20s set serial. Garen's a big Tintin fan, and it shows in both story and art, but this is no mere pastiche. The characters are real, the setting is authentic, and this opening chapter hints at many plot strands. It's got depth, charm and real polish. Read it now, before he gets signed up by Casterman and becomes a big star in France.

It's £2 for 44pgs from Jason Cobley, 94 Elm Road, Wisbech, Cambridge, PE13 2TB or email
Rainbow Orchid preview at Bulldog at

Posted on May 24, 2002
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