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Dog Breath #7
Posted by Andrew Luke

For anybody who would like access to paper TRS2s, Jez Higgins has most of the back issues in stock. Simply send a SAE and details of what you’d like, and Jez will reply just as soon as likely and possible.

Dog Breath#7

DOGBREATH is a Strontium Dog/2000AD fanzine with a heavy emphasis on fan fiction. For those who have had only a passing acquaintance with 2000AD (Rogue Trooper and Durham Red also get mentions here), this fanzine be friendly. I found the mostly text story content to be engrossing reading: Dogbreath works from an unassuming base and demands only what the reader wants to get from it. No whining half-finish here, its all heart. Includes work by feature-hunter Barry Renshaw, the graceful skill of David Morris and Dr.Bob (Amanda Kear), whose text story ‘Target’ still has me gleefully captive. There’s some comic strip and an interview with Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley also. This leaves me with little more desire to read 2000AD, but I can’t wait to get back to finish the bits I had to skip. Zarjaz! Yeah uh-yeah.

A.J Kear/Dog Breath Magazine, 17 Greenbank Avenue West, Bristol, BS5 6EP.

A4, 44 pages, postage and packing £2&70p/$3.50&$1.50 (cheque/po/booklet of stamps)

Thoughts and Words #1

Emotional catharsis? Not a comic but a fanzine about somebody who reads comics and knows people in comics so thereferore its about all that, in a way.

It's a lifesaver.

Matthew Lawrenson's accountings of his life: a personal language, an intimacy that is professional, educating this reader unassumingly, Humble exclamation here is comfortable and deserved of its place. A collection of skilful finder account sheets, filled with anecdotes about the comics fandom, 1950s music, US politics. While fully introspective its laced with a frankness and balance and ability to deliver a many smile (and relativity) as reaction. Informally image forming. For anyone who has ever felt left out of society, or still feels as such, Thoughts and Words is

absolutely essential. Recommended by Pete Ashton and Phil Hall, oh and li’l Andrew Luke.

Cost £1, A5 size. For further details mail Matthew at

Posted on December 19, 2001
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