Donkey Head is a comic about the junction between memory and dreams and the space that mystery inhabits. Itís also a great read, and features a great big vacuum cleaner toward the end. Comics need more enormous vacuum cleaners, and this doesnít fail to provide.

The comic charts the dream journey of Eric and the mysterious donkey-headed man of the title who appears in his bedroom one night, while contrasting this story with that of the disappearance of Ericís father. Baker uses a neat layout trick to tell the two stories; running the tale of the disappearance along the bottom quarter of each page. This has the effect of presenting the two parts of the story as explicitly linked, although we as readers do not know why as yet. Itís a neat trick, and one that works well. We are constantly awaiting the point where the stories intersect, and canít help but search for clues. Although there are hints here, we will have to wait for future numbers for the links to be made explicit.

Delicately drawn in a pleasantly simple style, this is a great beginning for what promises to be an intriguing series, wherever it goes. If I have one complaint itís that Daniel Baker doesnít have his name anywhere on the issue. It should be there Ė this is something to be proud of.

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