'Mr. Nile' is a choose your own sequential art adventure which calls on the reader to set aside what they're doing. This can't be a dip-in and dip-out session, its a comic book experience. Its wickedly funny. At times it can seem quite threatening. The comic book 'Mr. Nile' is a worthy view for readers seeking a special wisdom, if you like that sort of thing. Reading this comic while multi-tasking is recommended against. Goodbrey describes Mr. Nile as 'Lex Luthor by way of Scott McCloud', indeed apt. It also reminds me of Ditko's philosophical extremes delivered through the fast characters of Clowes and Dorkin with the black n white skills which the small press made their own way before 'mature titles' adopted them in. If A5 comics were given the same attention Jimmy Corrigan was, there'd be a half page on The Observer about this.

Mr. Nile : The Illustrated Bastard is 32 pages, A5, printed on white good stock paper and is available for $3 & $1 handling, or whatever the equivalent is. Its available from http://www.e-merl.com/shop.htm

Mr.Nile will not be available as part of Merl's collected works, The Last Sane Cowboy & Other Stories. At $12.95 its a five-book collection, and probably available for pre-order. Its also likely to be one of the top ten best comic books this year, and next year, period.